Geoengineering and how Bill Gates plans to END humanity…

Geoengineering and Bill Gates’s horrible plan

Most people believe Bill Gates to be this fantastic individual, a humanitarian and generous philanthropist. But what if I tell you he is not? Yes, I’m here to expose to you some horrifying facts which will reconsider your believes on this ultra-rich man who now has a God-complex and desires to control and change life as it is.

Most first world countries have their citizens brainwashed by the use of media, news and behavioural economics. Your brains primed to believe what the controlling entities behind the curtens want you to believe. Bill Gates among others (Tech billionaires) has become one of the individuals presented to you as a virtues human who has you best interests as well as the best interests of biological life in mind. Little do you understand that Bill Gates is gambling with your life, that of your family, friends and future generations. Sadvana Shiva, a polymath and publically known critic on the neferious activities of Gates has more than often exposed how this one man, Bill Gates desires to monopolize the food industry. However, he wants to eradicate biological farming and continu the Monsanto GMO foods. These foods are toxic to the body as well as the chemicals (called pesticides) sprayed on them. These chemicals, believe it or not, are the same chemicals made and used to kill millions of people in the gaschambers during World War 2. Bill Gates disruption around the world has caused poverty and uncountable suicides by farmers who are being eradicated due to his lobbying of governments and his desire to patent natural seeds.

Here is where it gets very interesting. Bill Gates recently announced his new “experiment” to block sun radiation, disguised as virtue to save the planet from global warming. Me, being an all round individual and student of many academic disciplines including history, came to the shocking conclusion that Bill Gates is gambling with humanity in general. How, you might wonder? Let me first explain to you his experiment which he is funding with his billions of cash. Understand first, that cash is not the desire of the wealthy. They don’t work for cash (falsely called money, read my article on money), they work for assets and control. Always realize that the funding party(s) hold the interest in the project.

SCoPex is the name given to Bill Gates his plan to block sun radiation. With the SAI technology (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection) he’s planning to inject the stratosphere with calcium carbonate (CaCO3) to completely block the sun from penetrating the stratosphere. To my disbelief this experiment is a reengineering of the most horrific time in human history, and not one historian or “expert” seems to be talking about the grave danger by Gates opening the gates to hell! So I will create the urgent awareness needed as when I’m explaning you’ll see the interconnections between his plans and what has been happening during this plandemic since 2019.

The Plague of Justinian 535–536

Let me tell you a history lesson on the most horrifying time in human history. This is for all clarity, historically and scientifically coined “the most horrifying time to be alive”, it’s not my personal opinion.

The year 535–536 A.D., the 6th century — was a year that marked a draconian change in the history of mankind and the start of a lasting effect on global climate change. Originating in Krakatoa (Krakatau) — an active stratovolcano island in the Krakatau archipelago — Indonesia, its history now holds a sinister prophecy on currently unfolding experiments in our present time.

During 535 A.D. Krakatoa woke up from a dormant state escalating a salvo of metamorphic volcanic eruptions. This year is historically/scientifically known as the start of the worst centuries in human history. It’s impact changed the course of civilizations and guided the way our history turned out.

The force of the Krakatoa eruption was approximately equivalent to two thousand million (2000 million) Hiroshima sized nuclear bombs. This incomprehensible size of the eruption according to scientist was equivalent to a ‘nuclear winter’ event. The volcanic substance which was spitted 30 miles up in the air, into the stratosphere, was so fine that it was held up by the slightest hush of wind and it spread laterally covering the entire planet, blocking out the sun. The ash allowed some light to shine through which had the brightness of dim moonlight, and it turned summer into winter making the world dark and grey on a 24 hour basis. This disastrous symptom of the Krakatoa eruptions was only the beginning of a chain of long lasting horrors during the 6th and 7th centuries. It started a utopic ecosystem for the growth of plagues, famines, natural calamities, diseases and the death of a vast portion of the world population.

The misery that originated from the Krakatoa eruptions and clouding of the sky has been recorded by Procopius, a historian under the rule of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, Constantinople. Procopius who was the author of “the Secret History” on the scandals by emperor “Justinian I” and a few other pieces of literature. He was the very first author to ever document a bubonic plague in detail and of the full scope it had on the empire.

The recordings of Procopius on the bubonic plague, called “The Plague of Justinian” (Procopius believed it was retaliation of the Gods on the bad rule of Justinian I) clearly state that it began with the darkening of the sky turning the world into darkness for more than a year. The temperatures dropped and the land was hit with drought. The cold temperatures caused harvests to fail (no rain nor sunlight) and due to the lack of warming by the sun water couldn’t vaporize. The natural “cycle of water” was not only disrupted, it was completely shut down. Vegetation died due to the lack of rainfall, or became of such inferior quality that significant animals and cattle couldn’t survive under the extreme conditions. The temperatures during the summer of 536 dropped 1.5–2.5 degrees Celsius commencing the coldest decade in the previous 2300 years. The drastic change in climate was so severe that snowfall was recorded during the summer in China. The ongoing misery escalated around the globe with multiple recordings across the continents on the failings of harvests and the shortages of food. From 536 to 539 the Irish writings mention the “failure of bread” which started a long term period of famine. On the Mediterranean, southern and eastern parts of the world similar catastrophes occurred and mass migrations took place to find better regions to settle on. Specifically in the Mediterranean itself (Constantinople: now Balkan region) villagers and farmers left their land heading towards the cities in dire need of aid. With them travelled the rats who were the carriers of the plagues bacilli; Yersinia pestis. The Plague broke out according to references in historical records in Ethiopia, Africa — although some sources states the potential outbreak in China and India. With the correlation between plagues and low temperature (scientifically proven), the origination of the bubonic plague in Africa is the result of the lowered temperature on the continent’s planes. The plague was swiftly spread all around the world by trade routes such the as the ‘Silke Route’ between Europe, Africa and Asia. During 541 the plague has been recorded in the Roman port of Pelusium which was located in Egypt. The plague migrated towards Constantinople, the eastern Roman Empire — via the multiple trade routes. Besides the spread of the bacilli through trade, the vastly deployed armies of Justinian are believed to have contributed in carrying the bacilli to Constantinople as the rats would hide in the supplies that the soldiers would bring back home. One of the major routes was the trade route between the Mediterranean region and the African ivory merchants. Ivory trade was a flourishing business during the 6th century. The high demand and desire for ivory is according to many historians the downfall of the Roman Empire under Justinian as it was the migrative vessel for the bacilli to spread to the Mediterranean plateau, according to Michael McCormick, Historian and Archaeologist, chair member of the Harvard University Initiative for the Science of the Human Past. Michael McCormick has in dept knowledge on the 6th century and studied the catastrophic era in detail revealing many of the correlations between the eruptions and 2 centuries of suffering and darkness.

Procopius recorded the symptoms of the infected victims of the bubonic plague. Some died quickly after only 24–72 hours. The infected humans would have severe fever, fatigue and others would be stricken by neurosis before slipping into a coma, eventually dying. Physical symptoms would exist from the typical buboes located around the groin and armpits. Buboes on and around the ears formed as early symptoms too. Blood permeated eyes would be a common sign Procopius mentioned, before “they (infected victims) were taken from his kind”.

Further research on secrets hidden in the ice layers and tree rings, revealed that during the period of 540 and 547 more colossal eruptions occurred further covering the sky with volcanic substances acting as a blockage of sun radiation. The consequential results of a stratosphere covered in volcanic substances continued to the year 640. It was the cause of a plunging European continent and the catalyst to what we know as the medieval dark ages.

The Plague of Justinian wasn’t one of short lasting size. The plague in Constantinople lasted for 4 gruesome months with tens to hundreds of millions of people who’ve died. The numbers build up so fast and to such height that the count was stopped and corpses were dropped into the sea by boats, dumped in mass graves, empty buildings, watch towers, and so on. The city was known for its foul smell of puss and death, the smell of corpses rotting away by the millions. The death toll which is an estimate derived from the amount of corpses which were counted at first, amasses to a number between 30–100 million. The plague did not end in Constantinople however and its spree of death and killing continued for three centuries (300 years). The final outbreak of the Justinian Plague has been recorded in 750 CE which furthermore has been the last official recording of a plague until the documentation on the Black Plague during the 14th century.

The Plague of Justinian caused havoc in Europe, Africa, Arabia, Asia and the (Latin) American continent. A great mystery was left unanswered for a long time about the annihilation of the Teotihuacan City in Mexico. The great remains of the temples and the landscape which was once a thriving city left scientist guessing to the destructing of this civilisation. Until further indebt research on the bones was conducted. The bones, especially those of babies (large quantities of bones), exposed the dire health of the population. The study on the remains, uncommonly those of the babies, show appalling signs of health in the last population of Teotihuacan and the scattering suburbs. The bones reveal interesting bone-damage which were caused by long-lasting bacterial infections, antithetical to normal immunity of especially babies and young children who should receive ample protective bacteria from the mother during gestation period and birth. The high deficiencies in immunity and bone-damage point to very low immunity of the mothers before they gave birth to the babies. The extinction of the Teotihuacan folk coincides with the period of The Plague of Justinian and the temples that were destroyed by a civil war is believed to be caused due to the priests, who would pray to their Gods for rainfall and sunshine, unable to open up the ash filled sky with their prayers to allow sunlight to come through.

Experiments, pandemics and a God-complex

So why is the self-proclaimed virologist and virtue-signalling man — Bill Gates — enforcing a Pfizer vaccine (of which he is a large shareholder including the other pharma-corporations that make vaccines of which he is a large shareholder/investor as well) to every government/politician around the world? Now this self-proclaimed doctor wants to recreate a scenario that caused centuries of plagues, famine and large scale deaths on a global level, wiping out civilizations to a number of 25–35% of the world population? Coincidentely he wants to own (monopolize) the food industry! And his plan to inject the stratosphere will cause natural vegetation and harvests to fail for years (decades, centuries,…). This coincidentely interconnects with the WEF (billionaire private club) that wants people to stop eating meat by 2030 etc (“you’ll own nothing, you’ll have no privacy, and life will be better than ever before.”)… Coincidentely these same individuals are pushing out the narrative that this “virus” will last with us for many years?

Knowing that the foundation of our immune system is vitamin D, that sickness by virusses and plagues correlate with vitamin D deficiency (vitamin D that we get from sun radiation) and that 40–60% of the global population is already vitamin D deficient which thus leads to us getting sick without blocking off the sun — isn’t it therefore mostly odd that these men want to block sun radiation and claim at the same time that we will be hunted for many years by an invisable enemy for which we need a injection with nano technology — while virus/plagues thrive when tempature is low and the sun is blocked? Is it coincidence that NASA almost 20 years ago had in their agenda that from 2020 and onwards it would be the “bio/NANO age”? Coincidentely Amazon (23/4/2021) forced employees to sign a contract for the biometric data of the employees: ?

NASA agenda 2013 by Dennis M. Bushnell, NASA researcher
“Bio/NANO age” from 2020 and onwards (vaccin has nanoparticles)
Oddly enough this all came true from 2019 and onwards.. Coincidence?

Link to official NASA document:

Isn’t it mostly odd that advanced technology from several decades ago can do the following via nanoparticle injection:

Isn’t it strange that Klaus Schwab from the WEF has written the book “The 4th industrial wave” speaks of nanoparticle power, the desire to depopulate the planet? For your interest, the “Bio/NANO age” and 4th industrial wave imply the destruction of most jobs, making “human capital” unnecessary. The technology to inject brains and erase/create memories/realities is actually decades old. See the following official video (from 3min:00 onwards): The Corona Jab Serum & It’s Effects On Human DNA & Brain Hacking! Are You Ready To Blow Your Mind? (

The C0-VID tests as well have been proven false 70–80%, making the amount of fatalities globally less than a heavy flu season:

My advice for you is this

As you now know that this is all planned in old agenda’s dating back 20 years or so, some even longer, it’s time to create awareness and step up! The scientific proof, official documents, historical data and catastrophes should brighten up your mind to see what is happening and what WILL happen if it is not stopped in time. With summer hitting (and virus/plagues thriving in cold weather) you should understand that there is NO INVISABLE ENEMY, only a VISABLE enemy made of the same physical human body! Not stepping up is a crime against humanity. Against ourselves, families, friends, neighbours and the future generations.

Nature is an ecosystem which exists of smaller ecosystems within it. They work in harmony and always look for balance. Yet now we have a few old men and woman, in control of data and technology and the world finances, of the information we see and must believe — now trying to engineer life/nature completely kicking it out of balance — and annihilating the increase of humankind from 1 billion to 9 billion in only 100–200 years (for the need of “human capital” during the 1th/2th/3th industrial revolution). Men with God-complexes who want to rule over everything and everyone. And the few who understand the real reality get censored or threatend. One last warning from an artist who “predicted” it all years before it happened:




Seeing reality as reality really is

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